WM  WBro B. (Bob) Johnstone
JW     Bro R. (Rob) Hunt
W Bro M. (Mat)  Poppins 
PO Box 442 Wodonga 3689
(W) 02 6056 2919       (H) 02 6056 2919
Email: Wodonga156@gmail.com   
WBro R.W.(Ron) Harrison PJGD

Almoner : Bro C. Land

Meeting:  Second Friday each Month

Tyling:     7.30pm

Installation: October, 2nd Friday or, Following Saturday, Tyling at 6.00pm.

Rehearsals:  The 2nd Mondays prior to Meeting night.

Friday, 13th January 2017 
Work: Open and Close plus Working tools in each degree.

Friday, 10th February 2017 
Work: Open and Close, draft Strategic plan road show. 
 Wodonga Lodge No.156
A.Fand A Masons of Victoria
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