WM  WBro M. (Mat) Poppins
SW    Bro M. Davey
JW    WBro S. (Steve) Norris
Secretary RWBro H.M. (Howard) Mann, PJGW

PO Box 442 Wodonga 3689
(W) 02 6056 2919       (H) 02 6056 2919
Email: Wodonga156@gmail.com   
WBro R.W.(Ron) Harrison PJGD

Almoner : Bro C. Land

Meeting:  Second Friday each Month

Tyling:     7.30pm

Installation: October, 2nd Friday or, Following Saturday, Tyling at 6.00pm.

Rehearsals:  The 2nd Mondays prior to Meeting night.

Friday, 12th January 2018
Work: Open and closing  in full in each degree.

Friday, 9th February 2018
Work: To Pass Bro Veering
 Wodonga Lodge No.156
A.Fand A Masons of Victoria
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